Protect your

vehicle from theft as a result of key cloning via your OBD Port. 

OBD Portector 

Many of our customers have expressed concerns over the growing epidemic of highly sophisticated vehicles by gaining access to the vehicles' OBD port and either cloning the keys or tricking the vehicle into believing that the keys are present.  

Unfortunately this is not anywhere near as difficult as one might like to imagine and requires equipment that is both readily available to purchase and completely legal to own.  

OBD is an acronym for the On Board Diagnostic port and this provides a sort of gateway to the vehicle's ECUs.  It is fairly easy to reach and, if breached by the wrong person, leaves the vehicle vulnerable to key cloning.   There are options to prevent this from happening but not all of these are insurance approved and given a Thatcham accreditation.  

The OBD Portector is Thatcham approved and rated as part of their listing of 'Opportunist Theft Deterrents'.  Achieving Thatcham accreditation means that it is recognised by many insurance companies and is sometimes specified as an insurance criteria prior to being provided theft cover. 

The OBD Portector is an OBD protection device that is both easy to use and extremely effective in preventing key cloning and thereby minimizing the risk of tricking the vehicle into believing that a key is present through physical interference with the vehicle.  

The OBD Portector must be installed by an authorised Portector agent.  Once the OBD port is protected by the Portector it will literally lock down the data flow to and from the OBD port.  Like data protection for your vehicle, arming the OBD Portector locks down your vehicle and prevents any unauthorised access.  The system operates via a port activation card which is both a simple and effective means of preventing access to your vehicle's data.