ANPR - The worlds largest non-military surveillance system?

A recent article in Traffic technology raised the issue of the roll out of 8,300 ANPR cameras across British roads due to take place later this year. Whilst it will, no doubt, be of huge assistance to British police by collating data on up to 50 million records a day, there are some concerns that this impinges on the right to privacy of UK drivers.

Moreover, the information will be stored in a cloud based service and shared across 43 different police forces. The article quotes concerns raised by Bella Sankey, director of policy, Liberty UK as saying, "yet again millions of road users find their every move is being stored without their consultation, let alone their consent."

This concern is echoed by William Perrin who, referring to the London 2012 Olympics ALPR system is quoted as saying, "a poorly designed and procured computer system has led to colossal over - retention of data that should have been deleted - tens of billions of license plate reads."

For the full article see Traffic Technology International ( April/May 2016)

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