Floating Car Data - working towards safer roads.

So what is floating car data? I'm so glad you asked. Floating Car Data or FCD if you are down with the jargon, is the latest technology used in obtaining up to the minute traffic information. Utilising on-board 'probes' or mobile apps to the rest of us, FCD uses incoming positional data from moving vehicles in conjunction with regular location updates and speed measurements.

The data from these moving vehicles is processed based on event status updates coupled with presumed traffic conditions in the vicinity to provide accurate traffic information.

What this means in real terms is accidents, incidents, unexpected congestion, roadworks and bottlenecks can all be identified quickly and efficiently.

Using map matching technology the information is collated and disseminated throughout various channels including variable message signs, navigation systems, fleet management systems, GPS tracking devices and talking traffic alerts.

The technology is constantly evolving and is working towards more accurate traffic predictions using live data as well as connected vehicles. The ultimate aim is to make the road safer and fluid for road users everywhere.

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