Is 48V the next best thing since stop - start?

With our constant efforts to find a cleaner and more energy efficient way to run modern vehicles comes the inevitable curve balls seemingly at every step of the way. 48 Volt seeks to address at least on of these!

Already used in compressors, power steering and stop start technologies. 48V seeks to reduce emissions whilst simultaneously preventing any loss to vehicle performance. This is achieved through the capture and redistribution of energy lost in hybrid vehicles particularly during braking.

48V provides an increased voltage which, combined with current 12 volt systems, will combine in a so called 'mild hybrid'. Manufacturers anticipate that by 2025 1 in every 10 vehicles will use this technology to reduce CO2 emissions whilst retaining torque and will enhance the performance to systems like regenerative braking and stop-start technology.

Ref: Autotellegence 2016

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