Pinch and Park

For many years now the ongoing struggle between vehicle security providers and vehicle thieves has revolved around the game of ‘pinch and park’. Not everyone’s idea of a parlour game, ‘Pinch and Park’ is the lazy thief’s answer to nicking your car. A simple matter of breaking in and using either your key that they have conveniently stolen from your key rack by the front door or by cloning (read more about cloning) and the thief is off and away.

The vehicle is driven to a ‘safe place’; more often than not, at a nondescript car park where the vehicle will go unnoticed for a couple of days. The vehicle is locked up and left there for a few days with the idea that, if you have a tracking system, the vehicle will be tracked and recovered, usually within hours, certainly no longer than a day. If it isn’t recovered, the thief is fairly confident that the there is no tracking system on board and the car is collected by the thieves and heads off to its new life, whatever that might be….

With any of the GPS tracker systems that we supply fitted to your vehicle, the unit can be triggered as soon as the theft is reported and the car can usually be tracked right down to the parking space that it has been left in! With something like the Meta Trak 5 or Meta Trak 6, having an app is invaluable in these sort of cases due to the transparency that it affords the user in locating their vehicle and being aware that it has moved even if they are not with it. In addition to this, the Cobra Trak unit will alert in the event that an attempt is made to jam the GPS signal.

Thieves are targeting high-end vehicles; Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rovers, to name but a few but the truth is that all vehicles are vulnerable to theft or, even worse maybe, theft of contents, but the vehicle security market is constantly evolving as well. We believe that any tracking system is only as good as its installation and ensuring that it is as difficult as possible to find the unit is more than half the battle. Hiding a tracker system and protecting your vehicle is a skill developed over years of installation practice and strict guidelines. Our installers adhere to the strictest rules when fitting and our work is never ‘subbed-out’ because we make every possible effort to protect your vehicle and ensure that if you do fall prey to ‘pinch and park’, your vehicle is recovered as quickly as possible with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

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