6 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle From Theft

1. Fit a Category 5 Tracker.

Category 5 Tracking is still the best way to protect your vehicle. With 2 driver tags as standard, the facility for remote immobilisation and the comfort of knowing that your vehicle will be monitored in the event that it is taken without your tags, Cat. 5 trackers like the Meta Trak 5 , the Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 and the Scorpion Track 5 are still the benchmark in vehicle security. Compare Category 5 Trackers

2. Fit a Category 6 Tracker.

Category 6 is the entry level insurance approved tracker and provides alerts if you car is taken without keys or if the battery is disconnected. With Meta Trak 6, Scorpion Track 6 or Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle will be monitored in the event of theft. Compare Category 6 Trackers

3. Fit a VTS S5 Approved Tracker.

In 2019 Category 6 and Category 5 Tracking categories will merge and become S5. The S5 Category provides Driver Tags as standard, 24/7 monitoring along with various bolt on options. View VTS S5 Tracker

4. Protect your vehicle with an Autowatch Ghost.

Your secret handshake with your car. With the Autowatch Ghost fitted only you will know the sequence that disarms the immobiliser. Tiny and impossible to detect, The Autowatch Ghost will protect your car like no other system on the market today. View the Autowatch Ghost

5. Protect your OBD Port with the OBD Portector.

The OBD portector prevents key cloning because with one fitted access to your OBD is literally barred. This means that even if the thieves managed to steal your keyless entry vehicle using an RF extender, they could not gain access to the port and therefore cannot clone the key. View the OBD Portector.

6. Keep your keys in a signal blocking bag - Fobstopper

All modern keys transmit in same way or another, to protect them from having their codes stolen or extended (see our post on extender theft) you need some kind of barrier. Some people put their keys in the microwave, others in biscuit tins, we believe you should use a Fobstopper pouch. Small enough to carry around with you but big enough to drop all your keys and tags into.

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