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Meta Trak S7 ATS 
Thatcham Insurance Approved Stolen Vehicle Tracking.

Subscription terms of 1 or 3 years included in the installed price

Supplied and fitted with 1 year subscription £369.00

The Meta Trak S7 ATS is a fully waterproof Thatcham Accredited Cat. S7 stolen vehicle tracking system suitable for both 12 and 24 volt vehicles.  


The Meta Trak S7 ATS will alert and trigger both a phone call from our Secure Operating Centre, as well as a 'push' notification from your app, under the following circumstances:

  • If the vehicle is towed away, put on the back of a low loader or moves in any way without keys in the ignition.  

  • If the battery is disconnected suddenly.


In addition to the alerts listed above which are pre-requisites for a Thatcham Cat. S7 ATS system, the Meta Trak S7 ATS will also provide push notifications via your app and email notifications for the following alerts which are included as standard. 

  • User definable geo-fence and point of interest entry and exit alerts.

  • Vehicle battery low alerts

  • Over-speed alerts


The Meta Trak S7 ATS further benefits from the following features:

  • Meta Trak Dedicated phone app (suitable for IOS, Android and Windows applications.

  • Online Platform with low - touch fleet management capabilities.

  • Battery low notifications

  • European Tracking

  • Transferable from one vehicle to another with no admin charges (this would incur labour charges).


The Meta Trak dedicated mobile app provides the following invaluable features:

  • Locate on demand

  • Traffic Information

  • Most recent route (with up to the minute data carpet)

  • A historic view of the past 24 hours ignition on and off events

  • 30 Days of route information 

  • Driver Scoring

  • User definable Geofence and Point of Interest facility

  • Geofence and POI entry and exit notifiations by email and or push notification

  • Privacy Mode 

  • Multiple user capabilities


The Meta  Trak system also provides a facility to link in an alarm if required - this is not part of a standard installation and may incur an additional charge so please mention it to us before booking


MetaTrak S7 ATS Resubscription Prices:

MetaTrak S7 ATS 1 Year     £119.95

MetaTrak S7 ATS 3 Years   £329.95

The Meta Trak S7 ATS, insurance approved GPS tracking system will trigger a call from a secure operating system if the vehicle is moved without keys in the ignition or where the battery is suddenly disconnected. 


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