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The Meta Trak VTS system is a Thatcham S5 approved tracking system making it the highest level of Insurance approval possible.  Meta Trak S5 VTS is a 24/7 monitored GPS based tracker with the additional security of automatic driver recognition tags often described as ADR.

Meta Trak S5 VTS, Deadlock and Deadlock Pro

Insurance Approved Stolen Vehicle Tracking.

The Meta Trak S5 system will alert and trigger both a phone call from the Secure Operating Centre, as well as a 'push' notification from your app, under the following circumstances:

  • If the vehicle is towed away, put on the back of a low loader or moves in any way without keys in the ignition. 

  • If the battery is disconnected suddenly.

  • If your vehicle is driven without the automatic driver recognition cards present.

The Meta Trak Deadlock provides all the same features as the VTS but the system is further enhanced by the addition of remote immobilisation. This means that in the event that an attempt at theft is made either with the vehicle's keys, through cloning or by relay theft, the immobilisation will prevent the vehicle from starting.


In addition the Meta Trak S5 will also provide push notifications via the app and email notifications for the following alerts which are included as standard.

  • User definable geo-fence and point of interest entry and exit alerts.

  • Vehicle battery low alerts

  • Over-speed alerts


The Meta Trak S5 further benefits from the following features:

  • Meta Trak Dedicated phone app (suitable for IOS, Android and Windows applications.

  • Online Platform with low - touch fleet management capabilities.

  • Battery low notifications

  • European Tracking

  • Transferable from one vehicle to another with no admin charges (this would incur labour charges).

The Meta Trak dedicated mobile app provides the following invaluable features:

  • Locate on demand

  • Traffic Information

  • Most recent route (with up to the minute data carpet)

  • A historic view of the past 24 hours ignition on and off events

  • 30 Days of route information 

  • Driver Scoring

  • User definable Geofence and Point of Interest facility

  • Geofence and POI entry and exit notifiations by email and or push notification

  • Privacy Mode 

  • Multiple user capabilities

Meta Trak S5 VTS Subscriptions 

Meta Trak S5 1 Year      £179.95
Meta Trak S5 3 Years    £479.95

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