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Lock It!     Alarm It!       Keep It! 

While you are out earning a living - doing your job, thieves have nothing better to do with their time than figure out how to get their hands on your tools and equipment.  Their priority is breaking into your van - our priority is doing everything we can to prevent them!​


As trade people ourselves, we know how important your tools and equipment are.  To our mind, losing your tools means losing money and this why we believe that it’s so important to protect your van and its contents!  Sadly, theft from vans has grown enormously over the last few years with thieves having all manner of tricks up their sleeves to get their hands on the contents of your van.  


With some vans (ford transits for instance) the thief is simply able to attack the driver’s door-lock.  This will not only open the driver’s door, but all the rest of the doors as well.  To add insult to injury this attack will also disarm the factory alarm system if you have one fitted!  


In this respect the factory security is almost useless in protecting your van and its contents. To combat this growing problem, Visual Telematics Ltd have developed a range of van security products and services designed to help you sleep better at night.

Deadlock - Rear Barn Renault Trafic.jpg


Supplied and fitted on site

Deadlocks protect the load space of the van covering the sliding rear doors and either the barn or hatchback doors.  



Supplied and fitted on site. 

With a van slamlock fitted there’s no need to lock the load space doors as they lock automatically when the door is closed. The slamlock is great for multi-drop drivers or parts delivery service etc. 

We can also install an alarm system to compliment your Deadlocks. Please see below for more information. 

We can also install an alarm system to compliment your Slamlocks. Please see below for more information. 

Ford Transit Custom Replock - Pick Resistant Lock keyed alike with the side and barn door deadlock keys.

The standard Ford Transit door lock is easy to pick and leaves your van vulnerable to theft.  Picking the lock will unlock the driver's door, passenger door and the load space doors and once the lock has been compromised, thieves are able to either empty the contents from the unlocked load area or steal the van itself because they are able to access the OBD socket and use it to override the immobiliser.  


The Ford Transit Custom Replock is a direct replacement high security anti-pick cylinder that will prevent thieves gaining access to your vehicle.   

The Transit Custom Replock replaces the vulnerable standard lock on the driver's door and is available for all Ford Transit Custom vans. 


Ford Transit Custom Replock Key Features:

  • Direct Replacement for the OE lock. 

  • High Security, Anti Drill & Pick Resistant Maintenance Free Cylinder

  • Instant Protection from Lock Pick Tools

  • Designed specifically for the Ford Transit, Connect, and Custom

  • Theft deterrent and prevention



Alarm systems to compliment Deadlocks

Our alarms will protect the following areas of your van as standard: -

  • All the doors including cab,

  • Side and barn/hatchback,

  • Interior of the cab area and the bonnet.


In addition to the basic alarm system we can add further security to protect other areas of the van. These include:-

  • Rear load space siren. This siren will sound on alarm trigger and reverberates around the load space of the van disorienting the thief and making it hard for a thief concentrate.  

  • Load space movement detector PIR.  We install a PIR in the load space of your van which will pick up body movement in the load area. This is important in case a thief manages to get around the factory fitted door contact switches.

  • We can also install additional door contact switches which are installed in the most vulnerable area of each rear door. By fitting these it means that if a thief gets around the factory switches the additional door contact switches pick up the action of opening the door.  These switches also combat thieves who “peel” open the corners of the van doors to gain access to your tools and equipment. These door contact switches, combined with the rear load space PIR mean that a thief will have to deal with a 110db siren and flashing indicator lights before they even gain access to your van.

  • These van alarm systems work in conjunction with our Thatcham approved van deadlocks to keep your van and its contents safe.

Alarm systems to compliment Slamlocks

Our alarm systems are a great deterrent to a thief looking to break into your van.  All of our alarms have a bright flashing dashboard LED to warn people an alarm is fitted. Our basic van alarm is Thatcham Cat. 2>1 insurance approved.  The basic alarm covers the following areas of the van:

  • Cab doors

  • Cab interior space

  • Bonnet

  • Load space doors


In addition to the basic alarm we offer various options to increase the security of your van. These include:

  • Load space door additional contact switches

  • Load space movement detector

  • Load space additional siren


When all of these options are combined, the system is a formidable force in protecting your van.

Depending on the van and products installed, if you have amber lights fitted we can normally interface the alarm system with them to that they are activated when the alarm is triggered.  This would only incur a minimal additional charge.

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