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Suitable for both large and small fleets as well as individual vehicle monitoring. 
  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking
    The Quartix system is a web-based platform with no need to download software or maps - this makes the Quartix InfoPlus system a genuine 24/7 platform. This means that not only can you pin point your vehicles in realtime from any internet connected device, you can also retrieve 12 months worth of history.
  • Effortless reporting (with key features all available from your main tracking screen).
    All the key features of the system are available from the live tracking screen. This gives you access to the following:- Daily log: Timesheets and Vehicle Activities. Route map: provides colour coded routes and stops. Zoom to follow: locks the screen on one particular vehicle. Zoom to: this will zoom to a vehicle and provide access to satellite, street view and traffic information in the area.
  • Practical and flexible daily logs - with customisable location and job names as well as quick-links to locations and routes.
    The daily logs are designed to make your life simpler. The level of detail is up to you thanks to the flexibility that allows you to filter out unwanted or unnecessary information. Street addresses can be customised so that regular stops are easy to identify.
  • Timesheets.
    The weekly timesheet is emailed straight to your inbox in an Excel format. It will provide you with key information which includes: Fuel Speed Mileage Shift Times Time on Site
  • Management Information
    The Quartix dashboard gives you complete control over the activity of your fleet. The dashboard will provide graphs to give you an overview of your vehicles and displays the following:- Usage Numbers of calls - this displays the number of calls made against a target. The overall values can be drilled down to show all vehicles and will navigate you to the indvidual vehicle log if you need to. Vehicle off - site - this will demonstrate vehicles that are at a different place from where they are usually kept overnight. Real time status - summarises your fleet at a particular point in time with status options showing moving, stationary, parked off-site and parked on-site.
  • Monthly Speed Reports
    Because it is important to know how your fleet is being driven the Quartix monthly speed reports allow you to set a threshold then view the speed, date and time, and the duration of any events that exceed it. From this report you are also able to access a map of the location where the overspeed occurred.
  • Route Reports
    Weekly or Daily this report provides an overview of your fleet activity. The Route Report will display all vehicle routes in clear and easy to distinguish coloured routes. This can be adjusted to display specific vehicles or days.
  • Trip Reports
    Quickly see your fleet's total mileage, driving hours and idling time over any time period. The report will display data on the entire fleet or for individual vehicles and will provide information on driving hours, mileage and idle times.
  • SafeSpeed Database
    Quartix have an extensive level of experience in monitoring driver behaviour. This has led to their understanding of excessive speed as being more than just a limitation on a sign. Quartix's research has shown that a road speed of 60mph should be seen as a maximum speed and not as a 'safe speed'. Indeed some roads with 60mph speed limits may have hairpin bends that would be safer if approached at a lower speed. Therefore, thanks to the data recorded from more than 60,000 commercial vehicles in the UK, Quartix has been able to develop a speed database that is both practical and statistically significant. The database is constantly logged and updated meaning that the data is always relevant to real-life driving conditions.
  • Fleet Maintenance
    The system will help to automate your fleet management process by providing a simple and easy to use scheduling process which will notify you, by email, when services, inspections, insurance, tax and even milestones are reached or due.
  • Geofencing and Out of hours
    A geofence is a great way of setting up a geographical area which you might need to isolate for some reason - as an example you might use a geofence to set up a notification to alert you when a vehicle goes either in or out of the location.
  • Installation
    Installations can be carried at a place and time to suit you. We are always happy to work around vehicle driving times and understand that it is not always easy to have your fleet off the road at one time. For this reason we are as flexible as possible when it comes to our installation work and can carry out fitting early in the mornings or in the evening as well as weekends if required.

Quartix Fleet Tracking is a flexible and affordable fleet management system providing an invaluable tool to all fleet managers.  There is no limit (either too small or too big) to the amount of vehicles that Quartix can monitor.  If you are looking for a fleet tracking solution which is easy to use whilst simultaneously providing a host of fleet reports and alerts you really should take a look at the Quartix Fleet system. Available to buy outright or to rent over three or five years, the Quartix Fleet system is available from as little as £10.50 per month.  Please call us on 01761 690042 for a chat or to arrange a demonstration or email us at 

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